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Project Management

Where your interest are protected

Project Management, where the project is guaranteed for your security.  Building your house requires a professional approach as well as serious services.  Such an important issue, as building your home, should be done where the most guarantees are offered:

      • All Inclusive:  with no misunderstandings
      • One Contact person: In your language
      • Package: Architect´s – Design – Construction
      • Key Turnoverservice: from the start until delivery
      • Fixedand guaranteed prices: No surprises
      • On Time– On Budget – On Spec with the requested Quality
      • Fully legalized projects

Building a house can be a stimulating and rewarding experience, but it can also be a very complicated situation, where experts have all the necessary tools and experience. Common sense prevail, when considering building your new home, that involves an important amount of resources and serious thought must go into it.

Every aspect of a project is analysed:  Design, Plans-Layout, Time, Cost, Human resources, Suppliers, Quality control in between others. Careful planning is vital.

The benefits are clear. We are able to maximize resource, keep things running smoothly with effective communication, coordinate and control all operations, from planning to completion.


We ensure that the Project is completed on Time, to the agreed Quality, within the agreed Budget, and with the required Spec.

Construction Management

Successful construction, demands an incredible attention to detail and control. A “leader” is needed, that controls all different teams in this construction chain.

We make sure that your designer’s vision is executed perfectly to your standards. We coordinate all different teams involved and make sure all do their job safely and as expected.

Project Coordination

Project Coordination manages the design, the construction phase, as well as the liaison between: Client – Worker´s – Contractor.  

Our In-house Architect is registered with the College of Architects in Spain and fully legally operative. We will advise you on every aspect of your investment and we work on a one-to-one service.

We treat every Project as it were our own.  We concern ourselves on every detail, no matter how minor it may be,

that goes into your new home so that you can enjoy a stress-free construction period and a quality dream home.

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